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Do you know the characteristics of powder materials used in thermal spraying?

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Author : Pei Ze Technology
Update time : 2020-09-21 11:59:19

1. The morphology of a powder particle refers to the geometric shape of the powder particle and the characteristics of its surface. The geometric shape can be evaluated by measuring the ratio between the short axis and the long axis of an elliptical spherical particle. The higher the degree of spheroidization, the better the solid fluidity of the powder. The metal powder particles for thermal spraying formulated by the atomization method sometimes have pores of different sizes, some pores penetrate to the surface, and some pores are closed inside the particles.

2. The choice of powder particle size and range is mainly determined by the spraying process method and spraying process specification parameters. Even if the powder particle size range is the same, the ratio of the particle size composition is not necessarily the same. Coating quality, powder bulk density and fluidity have a direct impact.
3. The bulk density of powder. Powder bulk density refers to the mass per unit volume of powder when it is loosely packed. The loose density of the powder is related to the degree of spheroidization of the powder, the size and quantity of the pores in the powder particles, and the powder particle size composition. Therefore, it also affects the quality of the spray coating.
4. Powder fluidity is mainly the time required for a specified amount of powder to flow freely through a standard funnel with a prescribed aperture. It is basically characterized by the time required for a 50g powder flow to pass through a standard funnel with a aperture of 2.5mm. It is important to the process of spraying technology and spraying efficiency. Will have a certain impact.