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Do you know the common spraying methods?

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Author : Peize Technology
Update time : 2020-04-27 09:55:17

1. Manual spraying
    Manual spraying is a traditional and backward coating method, mainly because workers hold spray guns to spray the workpieces. Like this kind of pure manual spraying, it is suitable for simple or complex and variable workpiece spraying, because the method of manual spraying is flexible. However, this kind of spraying method and workers have high spraying technology requirements, and spraying workers are very susceptible to occupational diseases such as respiratory tract and lung cancer, which can easily lead to inertia, high requirements for managers, high labor cost, and low spraying output, and The quality of spraying cannot be guaranteed uniform.


2. Reciprocating spraying machine
    The reciprocating spraying machine is the representative coating equipment in the automatic spraying method. The reciprocating spraying machine is a non-standard custom equipment, which is mainly customized production according to the customer's spraying workpiece needs. The reciprocating spraying machine sprays the workpiece with a simple structure quickly, but for some more complex workpieces or parts, manual spraying is still required. Therefore, the application range of the reciprocating spraying machine is small. It is mainly used for spraying workpieces with small volume and simple shape. . But even this reciprocating spraying machine still has the advantages of fast coating speed, stable spraying quality, and saving coating cost compared with manual spraying.

3. Intelligent coating
    The intelligent painting equipment is the spraying robot, which can complete the intelligent painting of complex workpieces. The spraying robot is mainly used for car spraying. For very complex workpieces, the spraying robot can also perform spraying well, and the spraying robot can also be programmed offline. However, due to the relatively slow development of domestic spray robot technology development, slow motion trajectory, and the need for automated technical personnel to program, teach, and invest in the early stage, as well as the late spray machine maintenance and other problems, such problems lead to spray robots in It is not widely used in the domestic painting industry. At present, the most widely used in China is reciprocating spraying machines and automatic painting equipment such as automatic spraying lines.