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What are the advantages of plasma powder surfacing process

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Author : Peize Technology
Update time : 2020-05-18 14:10:26
   The plasma powder surfacing process has applications in the surface treatment of many workpieces.It can achieve such applications.One very important reason is that the process has the following advantages. The Processing effect is that the surface performance of the workpiece is effectively enhanced:
   Advantage one: After plasma powder surfacing, the fusion interface is formed between the workpiece base material and the surfacing material, so it can achieve a high bonding strength and ensure that the surfacing is very stable and stable, so that the surfacing layer can always play a role , To ensure that the workpiece has a stable surface performance and appearance.
    Advantage two: the build-up layer formed by plasma powder build-up welding is dense, and the use of such build-up welding can effectively improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the workpiece, so that when the workpiece is used, it is not easy to be eroded or because of the surface Friction is easily damaged, so as to maintain a stable structural state for a long time, but also maintain a stable appearance.
    Advantage three: During plasma powder welding, the substrate material and the welding material are diluted very little, so that the original characteristics of the material will not be changed, and the performance will not be adversely affected when the material characteristics change little. This can ensure that the workpiece after the mechanic still has excellent performance. What are the process characteristics of plasma powder surfacing? Many parts will use plasma powder surfacing technology for surface treatment, because the technology has the following process characteristics, which can not only promote the quality of the workpiece of the company Make good guarantees, effectively improve the surface performance of the workpiece, and also facilitate the enterprise to optimize the processing control: high efficiency: the primary process characteristic reflected by plasma powder overlay welding is that under the influence of the high temperature and high heat transfer rate of the plasma arc heat source, it shows This feature of high efficiency can not only melt the honey and the surface of the workpiece efficiently, but also efficiently complete the processing stability: from the technical point of view, plasma powder surfacing is not only very efficient to apply, but also can achieve stable application, and not only It is stable in processing, not easy to cause bad problems, and can also be highly stable in the quality of surfacing welding to ensure that the processed workpiece has a stable and uniform quality. Strong controllability: With the plasma arc heat source, sometimes the plasma powder surfacing has the characteristics of strong controllability in the process, which can facilitate the enterprise to control the penetration according to the demand, so as to measure the thickness, width and The hardness can be adjusted freely. High efficiency, stability and strong controllability are all the characteristics of the process of plasma powder overlay welding. It is these characteristics that make the process achieve very good application performance.