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The standing council of thermal spraying professional committee of China surface engineering association was successfully held in Shanghai

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Update time : 2019-01-19 12:44:45
    The 21st international thermal spraying seminar and the 22nd national thermal spraying annual conference were successfully held

    September 25-28, "the 21st international thermal spraying seminar and the 22nd national thermal spraying annual conference" was held in tianjin.With the theme of "adapting to industrial adjustment, developing new products, providing quality services and forging professional team", the conference is sponsored by the thermal spraying professional committee of China surface engineering association.

    Hosted by often spring conference on September 26th morning, Shanghai silicate research institute, Chinese academy of sciences, Mr. Kang Meike surface technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., the tyco chemical trade (Shanghai) co., LTD., Saint Gobain Coating Solutions, a joint Coating technology co., LTD., Beijing, tianjin, gold technology development co., LTD., herge (China) co., LTD., praxair companies such as surface technology co., LTD.,Respectively do the high temperature stability of the thermal barrier coating research based on large data, ou r Kang Meike alloy coating design and optimization of introduction, Macroline - excellent abrasion solutions, products, ceramic bar for spraying metal wire soft wire flame spraying equipment and application of artificial intelligence and the thermal spraying process research and development, the alloy powder materials preparation and application of corrosion and wear of response, mining industry, praxair TAFA suspension slurry pumping machine such reports, congress made 24 project report,Experts at home and abroad well-known at home and abroad are invited to the famous thermal spraying thermal spraying companies, universities, research institutes, introduces the latest development of thermal spraying technology at home and abroad and the latest products, the forecast trend of development and application of thermal spraying in the new century, discusses the thermal spraying industry at home and abroad in terms of technical and economic cooperation, expand the application field, create trade opportunities, promote the thermal spraying enterprise and the market at home and abroad.

    Meeting shall be presided over by Hao Rongliang afternoon on September 26th, the assembly invited Chinese academy of engineering ke-song zhou, former chairman of China surface engineering association, honorary President of the professional committee of the thermal spraying Huang Xiaoou professor, China surface engineering association director yuan hua, vice President and secretary general of metrologic, thermal spraying director of professional committee of China surface engineering association, space, material and technological institute chao-jun wu guests coming.Domestic and foreign famous thermal spraying experts and from domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, thermal spraying companies 260 representatives attended the conference.


    The delegates spoke freely, asked questions and had active discussions. The atmosphere was warm and orderly.The report is wonderful and rich in content, scientific demonstration and fruitful, has been unanimously affirmed and praised by the delegates, delegates have expressed the hope that in the future as an opportunity to forge ahead, promote the cause of China's thermal spraying faster and better development.

    At the same time, the sixth member congress of thermal spraying professional committee of China surface engineering association and the sixth council (expanded) meeting will be held.

   The conference was successfully held to promote the development of China's thermal spraying industry, improve the level of thermal spraying technology, summarize, exchange and promote new applications, development and scientific research results.