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Notice on China surface engineering association to continue to enrich the expert pool in 2019

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Update time : 2019-02-14 15:24:20

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    As China's economy turns to a stage of high-quality development, it is of great significance to establish and maintain an expert database covering a wide range of fields, with a high level of technology and a complete hierarchical structure to provide technological and intellectual support for the development of the industry.

    The expert database of China surface engineering association started the solicitation work in 2016, and the first batch of list published in 2017 was basically established. In 2018, it will continue to be managed and updated, with 5 new members entering the database and 1 member leaving the database.The expert database of the association is under dynamic management. The science and technology committee receives information of experts recommended by all parties at any time, updates the information of expert database regularly and publishes it through media channels.

    Please send your resume to the email address of the secretariat for information update before December 30.In addition, all branches and related units are requested to collectively recommend a group of experts to enrich the expert database. Relevant recommendation work should be completed before January 31, 2019.