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Application of Thermal Spray Processing Technology in the Aviation Field

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Author : Pei Ze Technology
Update time : 2021-08-16 10:21:36
  The metal coatings used by thermal spray processing technology in the aviation field mainly include thermal barrier coatings, sealing coatings, high-temperature corrosion-resistant coatings, and wear-resistant coatings that improve the thermal efficiency of aero engines. The main parts commonly used in thermal spraying processing and repairing are:
  1. Aircraft engine blades: For the repair of aircraft engine blades, plasma spraying technology is generally used to prepare a metal coating on the surface. The total thickness of the coating is ≥0.25mm. It has good thermal shock resistance. After years of application, thermal spraying processing technology The prepared metal coating has good performance.
  2. Aeroengines: Aeroengines have a relatively complete gas path sealing system. The quality of the sealing device directly affects the power, thrust and sales of the engine. Therefore, the gas path sealing is one of the important ways to use efficiency and performance. The use of heat The abradable sealing coating prepared by spraying technician technology can effectively improve the performance and strength of the engine.
  3. Anti-corrosion coating of aero-engine: The working conditions of aero-engine parts are relatively bad, and they are easily damaged by high temperature, high load, vibration, abrasive wear, corrosion, etc. This kind of damage is the performance and service life of the engine. After testing, Tianmeng has sprayed a layer of tungsten carbide coating with a thickness of 0.25mm on the surface of the substrate, which can greatly improve the strength of the workpiece and enhance the service life.
  4. Aircraft landing gear, etc.: Before thermal spraying technology is adopted, hard chrome plating technology is generally used. With the timely application of thermal spraying processing and the requirements of environmental protection, HVOF technology is currently used to spray WC-Co coatings. Compared with chrome plating, the layer has higher bonding strength, and also enhances wear and corrosion resistance, while also helping to protect the environment. 

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