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2024 National Thermal spraying Technology Experience Exchange Meeting and Academic conference of the journal Thermal Spraying Technology

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Author : peize
Update time : 2024-07-09 08:26:21
  Thermal spraying technology has been successfully applied in the defense industry, aerospace, petrochemical, mining machinery, energy and power, automobile, paper, printing and other fields of equipment parts strengthening and life extension. In order to further promote the development and application of thermal spraying technology and emerging related technologies in China, the "2024 National Thermal spraying Technology Experience Exchange Conference and the Academic Conference of Thermal Spraying Technology" will be held in Harbin from July 24 to 26, 2024. The conference is sponsored by the National Thermal Spraying Cooperation Group and Mining and Metallurgy Technology Group Co., LTD., Beimine New Materials Technology Co., LTD., editorial department of "Thermal Spraying Technology", Harbin Peize Material Technology Co., LTD., Harbin Electric Group Harbin Steam Turbine Factory Co., LTD. The conference will focus on new materials, new equipment, new processes and new applications involved in China's thermal spraying technology to carry out information release and exchange, on behalf of the organizing committee of the conference sincerely invite you to participate in this event.
The topic of this exchange is: Responding to the national dual-carbon strategy, helping the development of new quality productivity and new technologies. Vigorously promote the application of common key technologies such as thermal protection technology, alternative chromium plating technology, cold spraying technology, additive manufacturing technology, coating service performance evaluation in various fields of national defense and national economy, and accelerate the promotion of industrial energy conservation, emission reduction, carbon reduction and green remanufacturing, as well as the high-quality development of high-end equipment manufacturing technology. The main tasks of the conference include the following three aspects: First, outlook the development of China's thermal spraying industry; Second, the industry development hot to