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    Harbin pei-ze material technology co., ltd. has a variety of advanced thermal spraying powder technology, can produce a variety of thermal spraying powder, its team has been in the high-tech material research, development and production of the leading position, for users around the world to supply a variety of types, multi-functional spraying materials.The company has cooperated with a number of domestic scientific research units, and can customize thermal spraying equipment and auxiliary facilities according to the needs of users. There are various and everything, taking into account the needs and characteristics of various aspects. Conventional and advanced coexist, and each system can choose manual, automatic control and computer program control.Besides, Harbin pei-ze material technology co., LTD is the first enterprise in China that specializes in providing users with a full set of materials research and development, coating design and equipment manufacturing, with users involved in many industrial sectors throughout the country.
The company plant area: 10000 ㎡            with a registered capital: 10 million yuan
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