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From ore to metal materials, the main equipment of every link in metallurgical industry is under extremely bad conditions such as high wear, high load, high temperature and corrosion, which leads to the failure of the production equipment. Thermal spraying technology has been widely used in the short side copper plate of continuous casting mould and cold rolling process.

     Thermal spraying coating has better comprehensive performance than nickel coating, and its microhardness at high temperature is about 4 times that of nickel electroplating coating, and 5 times that of nickel electroplating coating with high temperature abrasion resistance.With the breakthrough of thermal spraying technology for long side copper plate of crystallizer, the green and environmental protection thermal spraying technology will gradually replace the traditional electroplating technology.

    With the cobalt-based tungsten carbide coating, the service life of rollers and the surface quality of strip steel are greatly improved.For hot galvanizing, hot aluminum plating, because the bath temperature is higher, more erosion capacity, greatly shorten the service life of sunken roll, improve the cost, the existing wc-co has been unable to meet the requirements, the urgent need to develop new coating varieties.

    The surface of furnace roll in cold rolling continuous annealing furnace is prone to nodulation due to long-term high temperature.Nodulation is the fundamental cause of scratches, crusts and pitting of strip steel in furnace, so preventing nodulation is an important guarantee for the quality of strip steel in furnace.Maintaining thesurface roughness of the furnace roller is an important measure to ensure the normal operation of the strip steel in the furnace and to solve the slip and deviation.The selection of effective thermal spraying coating can help solve these problems.