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Wear resistant coating

    WC coating calender with supersonic spray shows better wear resistance than chilled cast iron. WC coating also has rolling contact fatigue strength up to 8Gpa, fully meeting the rolling pressure of the calender.Because the coating is dense without holes, corrosion resistance is also better than the plating roller surface, because the coating is fine and dense, the coating can be ground to a mirror finish.This kind of ordinary steel roller surface spray WC coating, especially suitable for the manufacture of super-large calender roller, there is no chill cast iron casting defects.

Hydrophilic coating

    Ceramic coating with oxyacetylene flame spraying, used in coating machine, water roller, hydrophilic far better than electroplating roller surface, with water, feed uniformity.This hydrophilic function of the coating, mainly because of the ceramic coating coating coating has fine pores, with water absorption ability to enhance the wettability of the coating, and the coating has a certain thickness, can eliminate the capillary hole through the body, so, the coating will not appear in a short time medium corrosion peeling.Generally, the coating with a thickness of 0.5mm is enough to enable the roller to have a service life of about three years.

Anti-sticking coating

    Ceramic and metal-ceramic coating have the characteristics of non-adhesion to unrelated substances, which can be used on the surface of the first drying roller in the drying area to effectively prevent the occurrence of viscose.The wear-resisting life of the coating is much longer than that of the fluoroplastic anti-stick coating, and the anti-stick effect is no less than that of the plastic coating.

Non-slip coating

    Spray Mo as the most primitive thermal spraying material, was widely used in paper machine rewinding roller, because m. itself with self-lubricating properties, is not the ideal antiskid material, now in addition to the lack of lubrication condition and need lubrication friction parts also use aluminum, Mo has been replaced by new coating material in most occasions.For large paper rollers, due to the failure to preheat, oxyacetylene flame spraying Mo powder often can not reach high bonding strength;However, the temperature of arc coating M.Ultrasonic spraying WC or NiCr alloy can not only realize the construction of large workpiece without preheating, but also obtain the dense, fine and smooth surface, and WC coating has a high friction coefficient, far better than Mo coating skid resistance.