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Cr₂0₃ Pure chromium oxide powder

Item No.: PZ-106
Pure chromium oxide ceramic powder
Purity: 99.5%
Sintering and broken
 Powder materialtype
 Cr₂0₃   Chrome oxide ceramic powder   99.5%   Sintering and broken
 brand (PZ)
 specifications (um)
 22/5      30/10      38/10      45/15
 Performance and application

 The APS

 The highest working temperature 540 ℃

 hard, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant ceramic coating

 insoluble in acids, bases and ethanol

 used for ceramic anilox roller, printing press roller, pump  sealing area, wear ring, etc.

Typical chemical composition
Cr₂0₃ base
Si0₂ < 0.1%
Ti0₂ < 0.1%
Fe₂0₃ < 0.1%
Mg0 < 0.1%
Ca0 < 0.1%
Al₂0₃ < 0.1%
Cr met. < 0.1%

Spray parameters
 Plasmagenerator   F4 
Injector/Angle 1.8/90°
Plasma Gas Ar(SLPM) 55
Plasma Gas H₂(SLPM) 9
Current(A) 550
Spray Distnce(mm) 140


The coating performance
Hardness:approx.1250 HV     Applicable up to 500℃      Porosity:< 2.5%    Bond coat: 316L 

The product application

The calender roller

Anilox roller

Part function: polishing paper during manufacturing

Part function: guide and pull paper

Matrix material: cast iron

Matrix material: steel

Coating function: wear resistance

Coating function: corrosion protection and wear resistance

Process technology: high speed oxygen gas spraying

Process technology: high speed oxygen gas spraying

Santosh Joshi
Feb 29, 2020
Hi Please quote me for the following Plasma spray powder 99.5% Pure chrome oxide powder 15/45 Microns 40 Kgs Quote up to Bangalore international airport, India by AIR FRT Regards S.S.Joshi Bangalore, India