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Nl-Al Nickel-clad aluminum composite powder 95/5

Item No.: PZ-403
Ni - Al
Aluminum clad nickel composite powder
 Type of powder material
 Ni - Al  Aluminum clad nickel composite powder  95/5  coated
 Performance and application

 The APS,

 The maximum operating temperature 600 ℃

 used for anti-oxidation bonding of the underlying material, less smoke when spraying

Typical chemical composition
Al₂0₃ 4.0-5.5
Ni balance
Other Oxides 2.5

Typical Physical Composition
Recommended Process HVOF or Atmospheric Plasma Spray
Deposition Efficiency 32 – 50%
Porosity < 2%
Wear Rate < 3 mm3
Macrohardness HR15N > 90

Typical applications include:

Self-lubricating, used for sealing coating, electromagnetic shielding, conductive rubber packing, etc

The product application
Turbine blade Gas turbine
Part function: Boost engine  Part function: Boost engine
Matrix material:Cast aluminum silicon alloy Matrix material:Cast aluminum silicon alloy
Coating function: Increase engine efficiency Coating function:Increase engine efficiency
Process technology:Atmospheric plasma spraying
Process technology:Atmospheric plasma spraying