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WC-Co Cobalt tungsten carbide composite powder 88/12

Item No.: PZ-601
WC - Co
Cobalt tungsten carbide composite powder 88/12
Reunion sintering
 Type of powder material
 WC - Co     Cobalt tungsten carbide composite powder 88/12   Reunion sintering
 30/5      38/10      45/15      53/20
 Performance and application


 The maximum operating temperature 500 ℃

 hard and dense coating, excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, high bonding strength, sliding wear resistance

 used for oil field equipment, wire drawing equipment, fan blade, pump seal, etc

Typical chemical composition
W Balance
C 5.2-6.0
Ni 10.5-13.5
Fe <0.2

Particle Size Drstribution
Nominal  Range (um) D95  um D5  um  Primary Carbied Grain Size um
30/5 45 5 Medium
38/10 30 10 Medium
-45+15 45 15 Medium
53/20 53 20 Medium
90/45     Medium


The coating performance

The coating is hard and compact, resistant to sliding wear and erosion wear

The product application
Pump impeller Shaft sleeve
Part function:Sea water pump to send Part function:seal
Matrix material:steel Matrix material: alloy
Function of the coating:Resistance to erosion Function of the coating:Wear resistance
Process technology:

Process technology:
Wear resistance