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How to prevent coating peeling and peeling in ceramic spraying

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Author : Pei Ze Technology
Update time : 2020-09-14 11:06:31

     Ceramic spraying is a heat source used in some conditions. It can be used to heat the powder or filament spray material to melt, and then spray it into the surface of the processed part to form a spray Layer, mainly using processing methods to improve or change the surface properties of the workpiece.

一. Coating peeling and peeling
1. If the surface roughness is not enough or dust adsorption occurs, the adhesion of the spray coating will decrease; we need to strengthen the roughening of the workpiece surface and clean up before spraying.
2. If the workpiece contains grease, there will be grease overflow when we spray, such as ductile iron crankshaft, etc.; therefore, we need to carefully remove the grease before spraying, and implement proper baking.
3. There are visible oil and water in the compressed air; try to reduce the oil and water in the compressed air, and repair or replace the compressed air device when necessary.


4. The spray gun is too far away from the work piece, and the metal particles are not fit into the work piece; the distance between the spray gun and the work piece should be shortened.
5. The time interval between turning and napping, napping and spraying is too long, and the surface of the workpiece to be sprayed will be oxidized; the interval between surface pre-processing, surface roughening, and spraying depth should be shortened.
6. When the ceramic spray coating is processed by the grinding machine, an alumina grinding wheel is used, so that the coating is locally overheated and oxidized; the grinding wheel should be properly selected for cooling measures.
7. The flame of the spray gun is not concentrated or skewed, causing the metal particles to not adhere to the surface of the workpiece strongly; the spray gun should be repaired or replaced.
8. The linear speed of the workpiece and the moving speed of the spray gun are too slow. In the process of spraying, the inclusions will float on the surface of the workpiece to reduce the adhesion strength; at this time, we need to adjust the speed of the workpiece line to control the floating in the spraying room. Things.