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I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

I wish the 2019 "BBS" of thermal spraying technology a complete success

Building the party festival, let us pay tribute to the party!

Wish: Dragon Boat Festival is happy!

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Celebrate the completion of Harbin pei-ze material technology co., LTD. Kiln

I wish: peize had a successful cooperation with foreign friends

In march, general manager huang of the headquarters came to the company for guidance

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The standing council of thermal spraying professional committee of China surface engineering association was successfully held in Shanghai

Development of thermal spraying materials

Application of thermal spraying in product remanufacturing

Machining characteristics of the spray coating

Thermal spray coating post treatment

Protective measures during thermal spray technology operation

Application direction of thermal spraying technology in metallurgical industry

Thermal spray technology features and knowledge sharing of coating function classification

The latest development and application of thermal spraying technology

The importance of thermal spraying technology in the field of surface engineering

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