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Basic principle of gas stabilized plasma spraying

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Author : Peize Technology
Update time : 2023-09-05 09:54:36

First, the origin of gas-stabilized plasma spraying


          Gas stable plasma spraying is developed from water stable plasma spraying at the beginning, in the previous plasma spraying mainly used non-transfer plasma spraying, the spraying material is a powder. Nowadays, plasma spraying technology has developed rapidly, from the initial water-stabilized plasma spraying to gas-stabilized plasma spraying.


Second, the basic principle of gas stable plasma spraying


         Gas stabilized plasma spraying is mainly through heating inert gases (such as xenon, argon, helium, nitrogen, etc.) in the spray gun to the ionization state, with the help of the positive and negative electrodes of the energized nozzle, the high-frequency arc generated on the gas ions. The gas ions are mixed with the powdery spray material, and under the action of a high-frequency arc, they are ejected at a speed of more than Mach 1 and sprayed onto the substrate.




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