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Al₂0₃-Ti0₂ Alumina titanium oxide 80/20 ceramic powder

Item No.: PZ-AT20
Alumina titanium oxide 80/20 ceramic powder
Melt broken
Reunion sintering
 Type of powder material
 Al₂0₃-Ti0₂   Alumina titanium oxide 80/20 ceramic powder    Melt broken     Reunion sintering
 brand (PZ)
 30/10      45/15      90/45
 Performance and application
 The APS,
 The maximum operating temperature 540 ℃
 corrosion resistance, wear resistance, sliding wear resistance
 it is typically used as the guiding part of thread ends in textile machinery with hardness lower than AT13

Typical chemical composition
Al₂0₃ base
Si0₂ < 0.5%
Ti0₂ - 13.0%
Fe₂0₃ < 0.2%
Mg0 < 0.1%
Ca0 < 0.1%

Spray parameters
 Plasmagenerator   F4 
Plasma Gas Ar(SLPM) 40
Plasma Gas H₂(SLPM) 14
Current(A) 550
Spray Distnce(mm) 120


The coating performance

Hardness: approx. 1000 HV 0,3        Applicable up to 550 °C        Good Grinding and Polishing Properties

The product application
Thread guide
Part function:Yarn tension compensation
Matrix material:aluminum
Coating function:Form abrasion resistant coating with specific roughness to optimize yarn guidance
Process technology:Atmospheric plasma spraying