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NiCr-Al Aluminium-clad nickel-chromium composite powder

Item No.: PZ-402
NiCr - Al
Aluminium-coated nickel-chromium composite powder
Reunion coated
 Type of powder material
 NiCr - Al  Aluminium-coated nickel-chromium composite powder   Reunion coated
 90/45  106/45
 Performance and application
 The APS,
 The highest operating temperature 800 ℃
 used for anti-oxidation bonding of the underlying material and anti-high temperature oxidation working coating of annealing package

Typical chemical composition
Cr₂0₃ 15.5-21.5
Ni Bal.
Al₂0₃ 4.0-8.0
Others(max) 7.0
Organics(max) 4.0

Typical Physical Composition
um form Manufacturing methods
90/45 The irregular Mechanical composite
106/45 The irregular Mechanical composite

Typical applications include:

Used for anti - oxidation bonding substrate material, annealing package anti - high temperature oxidation working coating

The product application
Gas turbine   
Part function: Boost engine 
Matrix material:Cast aluminum silicon alloy 
Coating function: Increase engine efficiency
Process technology:Atmospheric plasma spraying